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This site is a community portal for job seekers and job candidates. It was built using the open source software Jamit Job Builder. Customizations were made to gather data from the in-house .net environment and propagate the website from print ads. The theme was designed with the help of my coworker, Andrea Michalski.

As of the beginning of September 2012, this site is still in production. It is an ecommerce site built using Magento which is an open source ecommerce solution. It is currently on a development server at

Davy Law Firm website

Although it can't be seen in an image, the menu bar has a javascript-driven dropdown system with a little class. The site is static and designed in PHP.

MD Family Law for All website

MD Family Law for All website

This website is an original design with a javascript image rotator in the top portion of the front page only. It uses many css3 protocols. This site is written in PHP and is made up of static page information.

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